The rules:

A touch

differentThe number of players on each team isn't the only major difference between regular football and 7-on-7. Some basic rules:

TimeGames are 25 minutes in length with a continuously running clock. There also is a 25-second play clock.


The field is 40 or 45 yards in length, plus the traditional 10-yard end zone.


All drives start at the 40- or 45-yard line, no matter where the defense stops the offense.


Each team has seven players on the field at all times. The center, who must snap the ball between his legs, is one of three offensive players on the line of scrimmage. No running plays are allowed and everyone except the center is an eligible receiver. Play ends with a two-hand touch below the neck. (At St. Anthony's, a one-hand touch rule was used.)


Only one first down per series is possible, achieved when reaching the 20-yard line within four downs.


The quarterback has four seconds to release the ball or it is blown dead and the pass is ruled incomplete. There is no rushing the quarterback and no sacks are allowed.

ScoringA touchdown still is worth six points, but there are scoring wrinkles on PATs. One extra point is awarded for passing from the 10; two points are given for passing from the 15. An interception is worth three points plus possession at the 40 or 45.


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