With victory secured late in the fourth quarter, Charlotte Hines...

With victory secured late in the fourth quarter, Charlotte Hines of Elmont and the starters cheer for the reserves during a Nassau Conference AA-II girls basketball game against Roslyn at Elmont on Thursday. Credit: James Escher

The look on Charlotte Hines’ face didn’t match what was happening on the floor. After every basket, block, offensive rebound or defensive rebound, the Elmont junior was stoic. She made a point to stay calm on the court, saying playing too aggressively has hindered her at times.

Don’t mistake her calmness for weakness. Because the 5-10 forward was dominant. Hines had 33 points, 15 rebounds and four blocks to lead host Elmont to a 64-40 victory over Roslyn in Nassau Conference AA-II girls basketball action on Thursday.

“I didn’t want to go in aggressive because I knew I may mess up small things, so I actually came out calm and took my time and actually thought it through instead of going in aggressive like I usually do,” Hines said. “I just wanted to calm down and take everything step by step. I didn’t overthink things.”

That plan worked to perfection as she had 12 points in the first quarter and another 10 points in the second quarter to give Elmont a 35-13 lead at halftime. Elmont lost its first meeting with Roslyn, 44-37, and the Spartans didn’t forget that feeling.

“I felt like me and my team really worked together really great and we executed the way we wanted to execute,” Hines said. “We should have executed like this the first game but this game, I think we really did it.”

Kyla Moore added nine points and Jaida Hanson had six points for Elmont (6-3). Madison Glasco had 10 points for Roslyn (5-3).

Many of Hines’ baskets came off offensive rebounds as the Spartans’ ability to score second-chance points was a huge differentiator on Thursday.

“That was amazing, I could feel it in my bones,” Hines said. “The energy was great between me and my teammates and I just loved the energy a lot.”

Hines is willing to do whatever it takes to secure a defensive rebound or additional possession for her team. When the basketball is floating in the air, her mindset is frank.

“I need to get the ball, even if it costs me getting hurt,” she said. “I need to get the ball. I need to secure the possession for me and my team because every possession counts.”

Coach Pete Lawson said he had a conversation with Hines before the game. He wanted Hines to continue playing her way, knowing it was only a matter of time before she put together a huge performance.

“I told her before the game, there’s something called the basketball gods and they’ll reward you if you stay consistent and keep working hard,” Lawson said. “And today was one of those days that they rewarded her.”

After losing four of their first five games of the season, including the first two conference games, Elmont is 9-1 in its last 10 contests with a 10-5 overall record. Lawson said Hines is the only returning starter from last season and it took the Spartans a few games to adjust to new roles.

“A lot of times they are waiting for someone else to pick them up and I’m telling them, ‘No, you’re the starter, you’re on varsity now, it has to be you,’ ” Lawson said. “And it took them a while to believe that but I think now they are starting to believe that.”

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