Halle Majorana looks for an open teammate in the first...

Halle Majorana looks for an open teammate in the first quarter. (Feb. 13, 2012) Credit: James Escher

Not everything can make it into the game story. Here is some additional insight from Manhasset's 58-46 win over Great Neck North on Monday which gave Mansset third place in Conference A-III. Manhasset's stands were crowded with fans and opposing coaches from several Class A schools who came to scout potential playoff opponents.

Great Neck North (10-8, 7-5) had control in the early going thanks in large part to Jackie Behar, who had 10 of her 12 points in the second quarter to help the Blazers take a 13-point lead at 24-11.

Halle Majorana had 10 points in the first half but had a rough shooting performance. Manhasset (12-5. 7-5) closed the first half on an 8-2 run to make the score 26-19 at halftime.

Majorana took over from there, the Maryland-bound lacrosse phenom scored 16 points in the third quarter and gave the Indians their first lead at 37-36. She drilled a three-pointer at the end of the third which made the score 42-38 and brought a good showing of Manhasset fans to their feet.

Majorana started the fourth quarter with a three and then stole the ball and converted a three-point play which made the fans go wild. Majorana simply took over the game, driving to the hoop with reckless abandon and setting up her teammates.

She made on move in the third quarter which was simply outstanding, a stutterstep on the baseline which froze her defender. Majorana later joked that most of her basketball moves come from her lacrosse game.

Majorana fouled out on a technical foul with 2:04 to play and I wanted to dispell any misinformation about the technical foul rule. There is no limit on how many technical fouls a player can receive in a season, according to Sec. VIII girls basketball coordinator Stephanie Joannon. In order for a player to be suspended they need to receive two technicals or a flagrant and a technical in a single game which results in an ejection and suspension from the next game. Since Majorana received one technical on Monday, no matter what else may have transpired this season she is eligible for Thursday's playoff game.

Jen Doppelt had 22 points for Great Neck North and really gave a Yeoman's effort as she went to the line on numerous occasions with 12 points coming from the foul line.

Both Doppelt and Majorana made nice passes throughout the game, setting up fast breaks and finding open teammates.

Manhasset coach Lauren Majewski:

On how it feels to win and get third place:

Relief. We tried to keep the atmosphere light with the girls. We knew we were in and the important thing was for the seniors to go out with a bang. This team came together so much this year. (…) More than anything I think it makes a great memory for them.

On the difference from the first half to the second:

I told that girls at halftime, 'maybe it’s the hoop. We’re a second half team; we’ll be shooting on our side.' Whatever works, I really don’t care. Whatever’s going to make that difference. We said 'new basket, whole new half.' I think they bought into it mentally, all of a sudden couple of shots for Halle a couple of shots fall for Kaitlin, we’re right back in it.

Halle Majorana:

On the win:

It’s amazing, we’ve worked so hard and now it all came together and tonight we were all on the same page and it felt really good. (...) I just wanted to win. I wanted to beat them so badly. We played them previously and we only won by one at the buzzer. Tonight I was just like, senior night we just wanted it.

On her technical:

That was all adrenaline. I knew I was fouled on that and I think it just came out and I wasn’t thinking, if I could go back I’d take it back.

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