Hauppauge's Jack Casey wins the 100 yard butterfly with a...

Hauppauge's Jack Casey wins the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 56.29 seconds during the dual meet against West Islip on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018. Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Long Island swimmers dominated last season’s state championships, winning six of the 12 events, and could be poised to do more of the same in 2018. With the boys swimming state championships set for March 2-3 at the Nassau Aquatic Center at Eisenhower Park, here’s a look at some names and teams you may want to familiarize yourself with.

Below are Long Island swimmers posting Top 10 times through January 22, as reported to swimdata.info. Number in parenthesis indicates current place in state rankings.

200-yard medley relay

St. Anthony’s: Jordan Fargo, Michael Chang, Mark Owens, Justin Meyn, 1:37.50 (No. 3)

Ward Melville: Ryan Kaplan, David He, Cameron Kubik, Nick Bogush, 1:37.64 (No. 4)

Half Hollow Hills: Dylan Chan, Kabir Randhawa, Ethan Tack, Alex Jakubiak, 1:38.54 (No. 5)

Chaminade: Nathaniel DeGuzman, Nikolas Daly, Kyle Cornish, Anthony Melchore, 1:38.69 (No. 6)

Great Neck South: Justin Whang, Christopher Lei, Andy Lee, Joshua Liu, 1:39.76 (No. 9)

200-yard freestyle

Christian Sztolcman, Chaminade, 1:39.56 (No. 1)

Timothy Marski, South Side-Lynbrook, 1:42.81 (No. 2)

Luka Zuric, Ward Melville, 1:43.90 (No. 4)

Kyle Bergin, South Side-Lynbrook, 1:45.54 (No. 8)

Kabir Randhawa, Half Hollow Hills, 1:45.65 (No. 9)

William Swartwout, St. Anthony’s, 1:45.73 (No. 10)

200-yard IM

David He, Ward Melville, 1:54.39 (No. 3)

Michael Chang, St. Anthony’s, 1:56.04 (No. 4)

Jason Louser, Shoreham-Wading River, 1:56.23 (No. 5)

Orry Zayit, Port Washington-Roslyn, 1:56.82 (No. 6)

Ethan Tack, Half Hollow Hills, 1:56.89 (No. 7)

Javier Ramirez, Syosset, 1:57.07 (No. 8)

Ryan Kaplan, Ward Melville, 1:57.51 (No. 10)

50-yard freestyle

Andy Lee, Great Neck South, 21.12 (No. 1)

Nick Bogush, Ward Melville, 21.25 (No. 2)

Christian Sztolcman, Chaminade, 21.56 (No. 6)

100-yard butterfly

Timothy Marski, South Side-Lynbrook, 50.40 (No. 2)

David He, Ward Melville, 51.22 (No. 3)

Andy Lee, Great Neck South, 51.36 (No. 4)

Orry Zayit, Port Washington-Roslyn, 51.39 (No. 5)

Dylan Chan, Half Hollow Hills, 51.45 (No. 6)

Ethan Tack, Half Hollow Hills, 51.87 (No. 7)

Zachary Leng, Manhasset, 52.36 (No. 9)

100-yard freestyle

Christian Sztolcman, Chaminade, 45.26 (No. 1)

Andy Lee, Great Neck South, 45.94 (No. 2)

Timothy Marski, South Side-Lynbrook, 46.19 (No. 3)

Justin Meyn, St. Anthony’s, 47.88 (No. 9)

500-yard freestyle

Timothy Marski, South Side-Lynbrook, 4:33.88 (No. 1)

Christian Sztolcman, Chaminade, 4:35.75 (No. 3)

Kabir Randhawa, Half Hollow Hills, 4:38.23 (No. 5)

Luca Zuric, Ward Melville, 4:38.32 (No. 6)

William Swartwout, St. Anthony’s, 4:43.37 (No. 8)

Javier Ramirez, Syosset, 4:43.99 (No. 9)

200-yard freestyle relay

St. Anthony’s: Justin Meyn, Michael Chang, William Swartwout, Mark Owens, 1:29.00 (No. 3)

Chaminade: Ryan Shannon, William Takes, Anthony Melchore, Christian Sztolcman, 1:29.86 (No. 7)

Half Hollow Hills: Alex Jakubiak, Ethan Tack, Kabir Randhawa, Dylan Chan, 1:30.06 (No. 9)

100-yard backstroke

Dylan Chan, Half Hollow Hills, 51.93 (No. 1)

Ethan Tack, Half Hollow Hills, 52.42 (No. 5)

Trenton Burr, Hauppauge, 52.53 (No. 6)

Ryan Kaplan, Ward Melville, 52.80 (No. 7)

Michael Jiang, Syosset, 53.24 (No. 9)

Orry Zayit, Port Washington-Roslyn (No. 10)

100-yard breaststroke

Jack Casey, Hauppauge, 57.68 (No. 1)

Michael Chang, St. Anthony’s, 58.15 (No. 3)

Andy Lee, Great Neck South, 58.58 (No. 4)

David He, Ward Melville, 59.02 (No. 7)

Nikolas Daly, Chaminade, 59.12 (No. 8)

400-yard freestyle relay

St. Anthony’s: Justin Meyn, Dylan Champagne, William Swartwout, Michael Chang, 3:17.56 (No. 6)

Chaminade: Nikolas Daly, Nick Shopis, William Takes, Michael Sweeney, 3:18.21 (No. 7)

Ward Melville: David He, Cameron Kubik, Ryan Kaplan, Luka Zuric, 3:18.35 (No. 8)


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