Emily Meyer during a St. John the Baptist basketball game.

Emily Meyer during a St. John the Baptist basketball game. Credit: James Escher

St. John the Baptist volleyball coach Linda Morrisey had never witnessed it before, and Emily Meyer had never seen it either – let alone think about doing it herself.

But in Thursday’s straight sets victory over visiting St. Mary’s, Meyer was perfect. No, literally. Meyer held serve for 25 straight points in a 25-0 second set, racking up 10 aces along the way.

St. John the Baptist never had to rotate. St. Mary’s never served. It was all about Meyer.

It was the first time in Cougars history the feat had been accomplished, according to the school’s Twitter account.

“My serving in warmups actually was not my best,” Meyer said. “I was kind of concerned throughout the game. Then I started serving, and it was working.”

Meyer said she didn’t really realize what was happening until her 20th serve. Morrisey said she was pretty much automatic.

“She used some jump serves, some standing serves,” Morrisey said. “It wasn’t like she changed the way she served. She put 25 in a row in the box.”

Ten aces in the streak gave the Cougars easy points, but when St. Mary’s was able to return the ball, Meyer’s teammates picked up the slack and kept serve.

“My teammates kept it alive for me,” she said. “When the ball did cover over, I was able to get that pass to our setters, who got the ball to the hitters.”

Even when teams work on serving in practice, when there’s not a competitive defense on the other end of the court, hitting 25 in a row is unheard of.

“She’s set the standard,” Morrisey said. “Now I expect them all to do it in practice.”

Good luck.

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