The mild tizzy caused by Ovechkin and Caps teammate Alexander Semin yukking it up with Ilya Kovalchuk after the Devils' 5-0 win over the Caps... Well, wait: honestly, which is the more surprising part of that sentence? That a few pals were chatting post-game or that the Devils hung a beatdown on the East's top team?

Anyway, the three friends were caught chatty-Kathying in earshot of Caps coach Bruce Boudreau's presser. The coach was not thrilled, considering the Caps are in a mini-slump and Ovechkin, in particular, has two goals in nine games, but it's doubtful Ovechkin was skating laps the next day at practice.

Ultimately, this is bad form by Ovechkin and Semin -- see your friends on the other teams, guys, but perhaps wait until your unhappy coach is done telling the media about how poorly you all played -- but this is hardly a major offense.

Players in all sports talk to friends on other teams after games. Football players pray on the field together after beating each other's heads in. Ovechkin's desire to win can't really be questioned; his common sense might in this case, but that's about all.

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