Dave Gregory of the NHL's Central Scouting Bureau was kind enough to take some time and evaluate a few of the Islanders picks from this weekend.

Here's what he had to say:

RYAN STROME (C, Niagara, 1st round, 5th overall)

"When picking high, teams have a chance to get a great player and I think the depth at the top of the draft this year shone through when I saw the player the Islanders got with the 5th pick."

"He's a very dynamic offensive player that might not be too far away. Who knows how far away he is physically from filling out, but he has the ability to be a very, very good player."


"That's tough, but an Eric Staal-type player may not be too far off. The phsycial side of things--how he develops--depends, but he has the ability, with those hands, to be the player to have that kind of impact, that kind of offensive skill."

SCOTT MAYFIELD (D, Youngstown, 2nd round, 34th overall)

"Here's a player that is a big, very mobile defenseman. Any position in the NHL takes some time to develop. But, when you get someone with that kind of size and is still so young... once he fills out and develops into that mature hockey body he has ability to be a shutdown defenseman that can also contribute offensively. That was a very nice pick for them."

ROBBIE RUSSO (D, USA U-18, 4th round, 95th overall)

"Robbie Russo is another real interesting opportunity for the Islanders. He's a mobile, exciting defenseman to watch."

"You start to see teams that have success when they have that Mike Green, Brian Rafalski-type defenseman. I'm not saying that's how he'll turn out--if he does, fantastic-- but that's the type of mold he's in. He can make a first pass and create opportunities from the back end. Teams need to have that to have success."

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