Former Islander Tim Jackman seemed a bit uncomfortable by the sizeable crowd that surrounded his stall this morning hours before facing his former team. The gritty, fourth-line grinder flashed a nervous smile, revealing two missing front teeth to complement a bloodshot left eye, before answering the incessant stream of question about his play of late.

As tough and gritty as he is on the ice, he remains as humble off despite his recent success--four points (2 goals and 2 assists) in the past three games

"It's been a great opportunity. I've got a coach that has confidence in me and believes I can play," he said before crediting linemates David  Moss and Tom Kostopoulos for the line's recent efforts. "When you work hard, good things happen."

Jackman, Moss and Kostopoulos have been playing so well of late for the Flames that no one wants to characterize them as the fourth line.

And with his contributions and high-energy work ethic, Jackman has been a key element to that effort.

"He's been awesome. He picks everybody up with his energy and works every day as hard as he can. It's just leading by example that everyone feeds off of," Kostopoulos said. "He does a lot of things that he doesn't get credit for. It's awesome to see. He's a great guy."

Having coached against the Jackman while with the New Jersey Devils, Brent Sutter knew the type of player--and person--he was when the Flames signed him July 2.

"He's a strong character guy that plays hard every shift," Sutter said. "He has that high character and toughness that every team needs."


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