New York Islanders fans cheer after a second period goal...

New York Islanders fans cheer after a second period goal against the St. Louis Blues at Nassau Coliseum on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 in Uniondale, New York. Credit: Jim McIsaac

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

It is a chant that is more than just a way for Islanders fans to celebrate their team's success.

As the team's final season at Nassau Coliseum wore on, the chant became a representation of the connection between fans and players, and some Long Islanders say this bond is the reason why it will be hard to say goodbye to the team.

"My favorite thing was watching the players do it on the ice the first time, and now they do it after every win," said Sharon Giacalone of West Islip, who with her mother and friends Reina Bocchichio and Jess Hassell was at the Coliseum last night's final regular season Islanders game. "We do it on the couch at home!"

The chant, which involves chanting "yes" and raising both fists in the air, originated with fans of WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan before being adopted by Islanders fans in Section 329. The players have since joined in, raising their fists in the air after victories.

"It just shows how they have a very special connection with their fans," Bocchichio said of the chant.

"It brings everyone together, especially with the season that we've had," Islanders captain John Tavares said. "It's been something special between us and the fans. We definitely enjoy it and have been thriving on it."

"They're more than just a team to so many people," Hassell said.

"They've always treated their fan base well," Adam Khan of Hewlett said. "You go to Boston, Calgary, anywhere else, you're not going to get this. You're not going to stand around and get autographs. It's not like that. It's only like that over here. It's a special place."

The Islanders will leave the Coliseum, the NHL's second-oldest arena after Madison Square Garden, to play in Brooklyn next season, and Michael Pawlewicz of Amityville hopes the Barclays Center will able to duplicate the intimacy of the Coliseum.

"I grew up at this place," Pawlewicz said. "Now I bring my kid and we've been going to about 20 games a year. Coming here and seeing the players outside is awesome and you won't really get that anywhere else. You hate to see them go."

Scott Marro of Holbrook said the team's connection with its past is also special, and as legends came back to commemorate the team's final season on Long Island, he said it offered him a chance to share stories of the past with his son.

"He's got Tavares, Halak, and those guys, and I've got my guys: Bossy, Trottier, Gillies, Tonelli," Marro said. "That's the great thing about it. They still appreciate the fans and are close to the community."

"I love hockey because I get to learn about all that stuff," said Marro's son Scottie, 14. "It's fun to listen to all these stories. Nassau Coliseum means a lot."

"The best thing about the Coliseum is it's a Long Island staple," Marro Sr. said. "It's our Coliseum. We're going to miss it, but we appreciate that they were here all those years."

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