Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky, third from right, visits 8-year-old Madison...

Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky, third from right, visits 8-year-old Madison Milio (seated) and her family, Kristen (Mom), Mike (Dad), Dylan (Brother, 12), along with grandparents Walter & Judy Celensky and Mike and Karen Milio on the Milio's front lawn on Friday May 14, 2021 in Massapequa. Credit: Pablo Garcia Corradi

Carsyn Volpe is going to an Islanders playoff game at Nassau Coliseum next week, and he has a mission statement for the team against the Penguins: "I hope we actually destroy them, so I can go home happy," he said.

His mother, Bernadette, said the 12-year-old will have a happy day either way, but given the Isles-dominant décor of his bedroom in North Bellmore — not to mention the Islanders-themed socks he was wearing — it is clear one outcome would be happier than the other.

Most important on Friday was that Carsyn was happy with a surprise visit by Sparky, the Islanders’ mascot, and co-owner Jon Ledecky, who brought plenty of team swag along with an invitation to attend Game 3 or 4.

It was the first of six visits around Long Island in which Ledecky, Sparky and other team officials visited families facing severe health challenges.

In Carsyn’s case, it was a recurrence of a cancer last autumn that had been absent for eight years. He has lost the vision in one eye but continues to play soccer when he can.

"He’s an amazing kid and deserves everything," his mother said. "He doesn’t deserve the cancer, but he deserves everything [else]."

Carsyn named a half-dozen favorite current Islanders and has met several of them, including Anders Lee.

Ledecky said he merely was representing the players in reaching out and showing support, because they are busy preparing for the Penguins series that starts on Sunday.

"You saw Carsyn’s bedroom," Ledecky said. "He’s paying homage to the islanders, and he is no different than any of our other great fans. He’s just overcoming this battle with cancer, and he’s got the courage to do it."

After visiting the Volpes the Islanders stopped at the home of 8-year-old Madison Milio in Massapequa. She has endured brain cancer for two years. Her mother, Kristen, said Madison initially was not expected to survive more than nine months; that was 25 months ago.

"It’s overwhelming, especially at this time," Kristen said of the Islanders’ appearance. "We really don’t leave our house, so it’s nice to be around people and know we’re not in this alone and we know others are here fighting with us and for us, and that’s what we need, truly."

She said Madison’s father and brother, Mike and Dylan, recently visited the construction site of UBS Arena and wrote Madison’s name on a beam that was being installed.

Another stop was at the Port Washington home of 2-year-old Eli Reich, whose parents have been working to raise awareness of the rare FoxG1 Syndrome from which he suffers.

Colin Clive, 28, of Massapequa has been fighting brain cancer, and lost both of his parents within days of one another in January. His friends helped set up the Islanders’ surprise goodwill visit.

"I’m in amazement right now; I love these guys," he said of his friends. "Physically, I’m doing well, knock on wood — positive results. It just sucks, honestly. I miss my mom. I miss my dad. That’s it. It’s horrible. But they’ll be there in spirit."

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