Hard to believe that John Tavares is only 20 years old since he carries himself as a seasoned veteran already, but last year's No. 1 overall pick says goodbye to his teens today and hello to another training camp and his sophomore season ahead.

With 24 goals and 54 points total, Tavares had an impressive rookie campaign, finishing second behind Colorado's Matt Duchene. But even with a year under his belt, Tavares said he is experiencing some of the same nerves and excitement as last September.

"I still have  a lot of those same feelings, but this year I just know how to handle Them. I've had them before."

Tavares, who credits his family and teammates for all the support he received in the past 12 months, said he expects the learning curve to be different this year.

"The thing about doing well, when you succeed you learn what works for you and what doesn't.'

Which isn't to say he still has completely shed all signs of growing pains. Tavares said coach Scott Gordon teased him on the ice this morning after a drill that he flubbed twice.

"It was on the forecheck. I was supposed to lock left and I knew that buy I locked right instead--twice. We had a laugh about that."

Beyond the time he put in this summer on the ice working with skating coach Dawn Braid, Tavares pushed hard off the ice with trainer Richard Clark.

Coincidentally, I heard from Clark this morning who said, 'John left for camp a week ago in the best shape of his life and stronger/more explosive than ever."

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