Matt Moulson and Islanders' fans celebrate his first-period goal during...

Matt Moulson and Islanders' fans celebrate his first-period goal during a game against the Hurricanes. (Feb. 24, 2013) Credit: David Pokress

BUFFALO -- Matt Moulson is 29 and a bona fide scorer in the NHL after four seasons on John Tavares’ wing. But Moulson’s first postseason will take his late-blooming career to a new height. Here’s his “In Your Own Words” about the playoffs:

“Ever since I’ve gotten here that’s been a huge goal of ours, getting to the playoffs. All the guys who have been here since I’ve been here, that’s what we’ve been striving toward. We had some ups and downs this year but we showed a lot of character, persevered through some tough stretches.

“You sit back in the summers the last couple years and watch the playoffs . . . I’ve watched them my whole life and all you think about as you grow up is being in there, having a chance to win the Stanley Cup. That’s the spot we wanted to put ourselves in, and that’s where we are and it’s just started. It’s the first step getting in, but that’s not our final goal.

“I remember when I signed my three-year deal, I wanted to get to the playoffs and win a Cup with this group. That’s pretty important to me, trying to win with the guys that have been here and you’ve become so close to. You’re a family away from home, you spend more time at the rink than you do at your own home. It’s a real close group and that makes it more special. Going through so many things together, good and bad, and finally having this chance to compete for a Stanley Cup.”

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