No, not Zach.

That was Jordan Parise, the older brother of the Devils star, who stepped into the rotation in goal during the pre-camp scrimmages today at the MSG Training Center in Westchester.

Parise, who turns 28 on September 19, received an invite to training camp, with a job in Hartford as a goal.

“They have two great goalies in the NHL,” said Parise, who holds the University of North Dakota record as the school's all-time leader in goals against average (2.14). “(Zach) is one of the hardest workers I have ever met and he has deserved everything he has ever gotten. Unfortunately I took the route of being a goaltender, and very few goaltenders ever have a straight line to the NHL.” 

He signed a two year deal with Devils and played in AHL Lowell until he suffered a hip injury in the 2007-08 season, and later played in Austria and the ECHL.

Now, he and other goalies in their late 20s admire Tim Thomas, the long-time minor leaguer who eventually made it to the Bruins and excelled. “He’s the poster child for hope,” said Parise, who began playing net as a mighty mite in Minnesota.

“I got in there and I loved it, it was a decision I made when I was seven,” he said. “It’s been a great ride, really, to get to understand how the stars have to be aligned to make it to the NHL. So I don’t take any of my days for granted.”

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