To the astonishment of everyone---doctors, hospice folks and my sister-in-law, a nurse---my ailing mother-in-law is displaying an Irish will of iron and is hanging in there for the moment.

              Many thanks for the outpouring of concern when I bailed out of Washington and thanks again to Arthur Staple for stepping in.

            TheManhattan vigil continues for my mother-in-law, and the inevitable will occur, but in the interim, on their advice, it makes sense for much of the family to resume their work schedule, so I'll swing by practice today at noon. I'm also planning to cover the Tampa game at MSG Sunday and practice/trade deadline Monday, and possibly game on Tuesday, etc...and we'll go from there. So stay tuned here and at

           As we've written here, in chats, in the paper and on twitter, Florida's Bryan McCabe has been a key target to fill needs on the PP and on defense, and that deal may be close for the former Islander to return to New York as a rental.  Presumably, a draft pick and a prospect is the currency. 

           As for Brad Richards, I'm still thinking he waits until July 1. The asking price is high and he has a no-trade and the concussion is a complicating issue.

          More during/after practice...



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