Finishing some paperwork but will be tuning into Versus at some point in a bit...I'll be posting some thoughts during the game. If you want to comment or shoot me some questions, feel free, or e-mail me...


                Caps 1, Stars 0, 8:11 left in first on a Poti goal.  Amazing how deep Caps are. Tomas Fleischmann, Shaone Morrison, two other healthy scratches. Milan Jurcina having double hernia surgery.

                Via Twitter, USA Today's Kevin Allen reports that B's Marc Savard had grade 2 concussion from Matt Cooke blindside hit. No timetable for his return. Cooke, of course, is the recidivist slimeball who kayoed Artem Anismov with a blindside hit. 

                Eddie O says any head shot should be reviewed upstairs and if a player is suspended 10 games, a team should lose that roster spot.

                 Marty Turco has 15 saves and there's 2:50 left. He might have a pretty good year with the right team (Philly, Chicago?) next season.

                 Stars have won just 10 times on raod. Caps are looking for 14th straight at home.


                 Three minutes into second and a torrent of questions from GS.

                Hi Zip! I have some questions: 1. Why is Torts blaming Gabby? 2. Is Gabby still hurt? 3. When will Torts be fired? What is the over/under? 4. I like Gilroy's offensive play of late. Can he replace Avery as a forward? 5. How many Sather-cigars are equivalent to the amount of revenue lost in ticket-sales for this season? 6. Does Wade Redden care about hockey? 7. I like Rozy's game recently. Any particular reason why he's 'better?' 8. A follow-up: Is Torts being 'easy' of Rozy to raise his 'stock' in an effort to trade him? 9. As a rangers fan, what should I be looking forward to (besides Torts being fired)?

              Whew, can;t wait for the chat tomorrah, huh?

              Ok, 1 & 2. Yes, Gabby still hurt. Torts seems to be unhappy that he's not pushing himself hard enough. 3. Not this season. If there's a horrendous first third of season, maybe. 4. I'd give Gilroy a look at forward in training camp. 5. Bout half the stogies in Havana. 6. Sure he does, but he's not getting any younger and obviously feels he's being singled out. 7. Rosy not same player since hip[ surgery and knees aren;t getting any younger, so he's streaky. 8. I think teams know what they'd be getting. 9. Summer moves and the continued development of Grachev, Stepan, Kreider, McDonagh.





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