According to John Tortorella:

              Same lineup..

               "They're more excited right now because they have earned...we've had to take it a game at a time to make these games against Philly important. This is the first one against Philly. They've earned their right to have an important game, and I think they feel good about that."

             "They know what's at stake. They have known what's at stake for a number of weeks now. So we go through our routine and we go play."

            On Ryan Callahan, who will play despite an achy knee:

            "I think Cally still trying to find his way back into what he does for this hockey club. I think he's still adjusting a bit to even wearing a brace. But to have him on the bench at key times.... I think tonight's going to be a very important game where we have a Ryan Callahan because I think it's going to be quite a bit of board play, where he is one of the best at it as far as getting pucks in and all that stuff we talk about.  He's so well-respected in the room it's important to have him on the bench."

            And this from Danny Briere in the hallway, asked by AL Trautwig if he's aware how difficult it is two win two games in a row against the same team: " I'm not looking at is as a two-game set...whatever happens tonight, happens."


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