Check in with your questions, opinions. It's noon, we'll probably go to 1 or so....


Devils certainly had some very good chances with some twine staring them in the face, but the bouncing pucks stymied them: Parise, Fayne, Clarkson. Ice wasn't great. And their only goal came off Slava Voynov's shoulder.  Devs need more than 18 shots to beat Quick. Memo to Devs: This is not the Rangers.


Some nice tape to tape passes by the Kings before the ice slushed....Liked the Kings' defensemen moving puck through the middle of the d-zone rather than along the boards where the Devils' locks were...Think Richards, Carter, Brown and Doughty will have a say in this before it's over. Just as Devils will be better, so will Kings.


Devils better find a way to win Game 2. Although they beat the Flyers four straight, the Kings have some confidence behind them and will be tough at home.  Just wondering: Think the Rangers left the Devs a step behind physically and emotionally?


I didn't think the crowd at the Rock was as edgy as during the previous series. Maybe many hard-core fans spent their dough on the Rangers games.

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