So driving south this morning and about about five miles from the Molly Pitcher service area on the Jersey Turnpike, what comes steaming up on my right?  Huge tractor trailer with the logo "KANE is able"...Not referring to the Hawks Patrick Kane, but a Scranton, Pa. firm. Still, if you believe in omens....


               Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, with his club down 2-0,  just termed tonight a must-win, then explained it by says Games 1 and 2 also were must-wins.  "We've got to get in the race, got to get on the board...(But) the pressure, I'm not seeing it on our guys. We're a loose group."

              More from the coach: "We've got to do a better job of picking our spots (on goaltender Antti Niemi)."

              On the crowd tonight: "I'm a big believer in energy. If you can combine that with execution, you can win hockey games."  Asked about whether or not he'll be pumped by the pre-game "God Bless America" in the sea of orange here at Wachovia Center, he said: "Yeah. I'll be fired up all day," and ended the presser playfully punching his fist on the table.

               More from players and Chicago coach Joel Quenneville soon...


             One bit of news: Ex-Rangers assistant GM Don Maloney named GM of the year for great job in reshaping Coyotes.


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