Afternoon, ladies and gents, very worthwhile comments during Game 5 last night and plenty of em. Thanks.  For Game 6, Antti Niemi will need a huge effort for the Hawks to win. The two-day break may help him.

               But two pieces of news:  Another fabulous Live Chat Wednesday at 1. Hearing some whispers that Rangers are looking to add a third-round pick in LA on June 25, 26. They don't have one now. Good idea? Thoughts?

               AND shouldn't we be prepping for the 2010 Blue Notes Mock Draft 2?

              Combine's over. Who's up for it next week? Wouldn't mind keeping the same loyalists with the same teams. No trades this time though, became cumbersome. 

              Let me know here or on email if you're in.....PIP, Tony, Mike, Lucas, anyone. I'll remind folks on Twitter as well.

              Back soon...




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