Some excerpts from conference call after Brandon Prust received $10 mil over four years from Montreal:

 “I talked to Torts today. I didn’t talk to Slats, my agent was talking to them. I know we both like each other and both wanted me to come back. In the end, we weren’t really there. We weren’t close, Montreal showed just a lot more interest."

“After the season, I really wasn’t sure. I thought there was a high chance we would get a deal done. It just kind of changed in the last little while. I think I started to realize my time as a Ranger was done. It’s a crazy day, a lot of mixed emotions. I’m excited to start a new chapter. I’m sad to leave a great organization and a great city."

“I always knew that Montreal might be interested in me/ You hear in the rumor mill they might be interested in coming after you. You’re scouting teams prior to this July 1, what team is in need of your services most? Montreal was on top of that list. They really showed today that they wanted me. That was the deciding factor for me today.

“I understand that from the Rangers’ side, too/ It’s a business. I had a lot of good times the past three years. I made a lot of friends. I love the organization and they way they treat us and I love the city. It’s a crazy, emotional day.” 

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