...is what the Rangers hope to accomplish by mid-week. 

              Tonight, they'll be keeping an eye on  Bruins-Caps. Rangers, who have won three straight, will have game in hand after tonight. This morning, they will skate at 11:30 in Westchester and  I'll have the news from there.                

             Quick rundown, starting from sixth place:

Montreal: 39-32-8, 86 (three games left) 
Boston: 36-30-12, 84 (four)
Philadelphia: 39-34-6, 84 (three)
Rangers: 36-32-10, 82 (four)
Thrashers: 34-32-13, 81 (three)

Montreal and Boston can max out at 92; Philly and Rangers 90. NY still needs a little help, starting with Caps tonight. Boston also faces Washington again, plus Sabres and Hurricanes. But who knows?


            We'll be here for our weekly live chat tomorrow at 1 from Buffalo...And of course, there's always twitter.com/stevezipay


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