New York Rangers left wing Tanner Glass (15) reacts after...

New York Rangers left wing Tanner Glass (15) reacts after the St. Louis Blues scored a goal in the second period during a game at Madison Square Garden on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014. Credit: Andrew Theodorakis

This National Hockey League season has proved that mumps is not just kids' stuff. The virus is often associated with children, but it is serious business among pro hockey players.

With the announcement Saturday that Tanner Glass has mumps, the Rangers became the fourth team to be connected to the condition.

Corey Perry and Francois Beauchemin of the Ducks were diagnosed with mumps earlier in the season.

So was Keith Ballard of the Wild. Numerous reports also said several Blues players had symptoms.

Those symptoms include a swelling of glands in the neck and signs usually associated with the flu: achiness and fatigue. Glass was sent home from Philadelphia on Friday with what then was described as "flu-like symptoms."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the condition this way: "Mumps is a contagious disease that is caused by [a] virus. Mumps typically starts with a few days of fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness and loss of appetite and is followed by swelling of salivary glands . . . ''

Spokesman John Rosasco said everyone in the Rangers' traveling party (Glass had been on the trip to Tampa on Wednesday) will receive a mumps vaccine "booster shot."

Coach Alain Vigneault suggested that media members who covered that game should get examined.

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