Coach John Tortorella today: "Chris (Drury)and I have been very honest with one other along the way here. Everybody knows what direction we were trying to go in: We went with our kids. Dru’s Dru….I mean, we love the guy. But you still have to make decisions on what best for your hockey club, so obviously when you get into a situation when now there’s a buyout, we’re trying to keep ourself flexible within the cap and try at look at other things. We wish…I’ll speak for myself, I wish nothing but the best for him, and I hope someday…we’ll I’ll just leave it at that. That’s just the way this works here. When you’re looking to go in a direction we’re trying to stay with the plan, and as Dru has gone along here, we felt this is a decision we needed to make for our club…"

Asked if he hoped his leadership sprinkled down on kids:

“I know it did. That’s why this is a hard one, it’s not an easy thing for us, just as it isn’t easy for Dru . Dru gave everything he possibly could give to this organization, but as an organization you’ve got to continue to evaluate on all things and make decisions for what’s best for your team and the direction you’re going. It’s not hope…I know he’s had an influence on quite a few people in that locker room.”

He said a decision on the next captain will come during camp. “Maybe our team changes more during this summer….”


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