So from scanning the reports from the NHL/Brendan Shanahan's research and development soiree in Etobicoke, I have some mixed feelings. (Rangers, by the way, have scouts watching the prospects but no front-office execs there).

                Thumbs down: One faceoff circle in each zone. In the high slot, none on the sides...ugh. The idea of having the puck lying on the dot on faceoffs and a whistle for the players to start the draw makes some sense. But would it take away from the battle level?

                GMs seem to like the hybrid icing (used in USHL) to prevent injuries to d-men....I could see something like that being approved down the pike...

                Purists want to eliminate the shootout altogether---or play OT until someone scores.  One experiment is four-on-four OT for three minutes, three-on-three for three, and two-on-two for two. Haven't seen video of this yet, but intriguing.

                Personally, I'd like to see one official upstairs in the press box to watch reviews. And have one fewer body on the ice. Thoughts?


                  Hope to be speaking with some of the players in NY over next week or so: Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Anisimov, Avery...


                Reminder, live chat Thursday at 1 p.m.




















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