The NHL is looking at this for 3:05 in the third period last night. 

IMO, deserves at least a fine or a game.

Rangers were certainly displeased, if you read my stories from last night. Brian Boyle called it "garbage" and "very, very dirty" as a retaliation for previous hit along boards from Feds.  Rcihards called it "idiotic".  Torts said players had right to be upset.

Moore told the Tampa writers that he was trying to get "in offensive position" and the high hit wasn't intentional.

Rangers practicing at noon, should have update on Feds condition. Lightning en route to Buffalo for Saturday game.

If he is out for Philly game, or longer, callup is necessary, becasue team is carrying just 12 forwards.  Wojtek Wolski, halfway thru an AHL conditioning assignment with a goal in three games, is a possibility.  So is Andre Deveaux, I guess, given the next opponent. But do they need him or Wolski more before trade deadline? Probably Wolski, who's been shopped....

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