By making the peculiar, precedent-setting decision to revote on Brian Cushing's Defensive Rookie of the Year Award, The Associated Press put the writers involved - and even writers who were not involved - in a no-win situation.

Cushing won the revote, making us all look a little silly. But we also would have looked a little silly if he had lost.

If I had a vote, I'd have named him again as a statement against the process. Glauber does have a vote, and went against him. Both sides have fair points.

(As a former football writer, I know one of the side effects of this will be to give those holier-than-thou baseball writers another reason to look down on their lessers among football scribes and fans, who allegedly shrug off PEDs.)

Look, here's the only reasonable response to all of this: It is time for journalists in every sport to get out of the business of making news by participating in voting for awards.

Sure, it would be a blow to our egos and power - especially when it comes to baseball writers voting for MVPs and Hall of Famers - but it's the only way to avoid becoming part of the story. Which we're not supposed to be.

That's it for today. Enjoy Habs-Pens Game 7.

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