Carmelo Anthony's arrival means big things for the Knicks, the fans, the Garden and the city of New York.

It also means big things for the memorabilia bootleggers and the music remixes. It certainly doesn't hurt the latter group that "Carmelo" rhymes with "yellow" and that Wiz Khalifa had an extremely catchy and popular rap song recently titled "Black and Yellow."

You can imagine where the remixes are going, can't you? First up, "Yeah Carmelo" by rapper Maino, followed by multiple versions of "Stat & Melo," including one from former WFAN intern Brian Mehlmen, AKA "Real B-Mel," and another WFAN guy DASMAN.

We expect YouTube to break by Wednesday night with new 'Melo remixes. Enjoy the beats, and maybe even craft your own song. Amar'e Stoudemire has his own record label, so you never know what may happen.

"Yeah Carmelo" by Maino 


"Stat & Melo" by The Real B-Mel


"Stat & Melo" by DASMAN


"Stat & Melo" by Marquise Green

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