Don Imus during a break on an appearance in the...

Don Imus during a break on an appearance in the Al Sharpton radio show "Keeping It Real" being recorded at the ABC studios in Manhattan on April 9, 2007. Credit: Newsday / Moises Saman

Don Imus weighed in on Thursday morning about Michael Kay’s rant the day before aimed at former WFAN host Mike Francesa.

Imus was a longtime colleague of Francesa and called into Francesa’s penultimate show on Dec. 14.

The former WFAN morning host, who was fired in 2007 and now is heard on WABC, first listened to a clip from Kay’s ESPN New York show in which he took issue with those who expected him to praise Francesa upon his Dec. 15 departure.

“I mean, it’s ridiculous, and also Mike was never kind to us, never gracious about his success,” Kay said. “So for us to sit here and, like, bow down because he decides to leave . . . “

At that point a shouted voice was heard saying, “Shut up!”

Then Imus said, “Well, he happens to be right, though.”

Sid Rosenberg, a former WFAN host who now works at WABC, then was heard to say, “Which part is right?”

Said Imus, “Well, he’s right about all of it. I don’t want to hear him go on about it.”

Said Rosenberg, “Mike [Francesa] and Chris [Russo] are not the reason for successful sports talk radio?”

Said Imus, “Well, no, of course they’re not . . . I like [Kay]. He seems fine to me. I tell you, that interview thing he does, whatever that is — [“CenterStage” on YES Network] — he’s terrific doing that. I like him. Don La Greca? I love old Don.”

Said Rosenberg, “What are you, working for those guys?”

Said Imus, “No.”

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