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Al Michaels Credit: Al Michaels (Getty Images)

NFL games on Thursdays are nothing new, but putting them on a major broadcast network is – and that’s exactly what the league will do early this season on CBS.

Might that dilute NBC’s Sunday night and ESPN’s Monday night packages, or is there no end to fans’ appetites?

I asked the lead voice of NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,’’ the most-viewed prime time show in America three years running.

“I’m not sure where that line is,’’ former Newsday paper boy Al Michaels said. “There probably is a line when it might be a little dangerous. Right now, the thirst in this country for the NFL is insatiable. And I’m not sure it wouldn’t work seven nights a week.  It probably wouldn’t, but I don’t know where that line is.

“I do know that ‘Thursday Night Football’ has been around for a lot of years, so it is a little different and I think that it mainly deals with more distribution. The NFL Network did not go to 100 percent of the country. CBS obviously does.

“I think that it will be something that the league is going to watch very, very carefully. I think that they will understand. Look, if there is a diminishment in ratings to the degree that they feel that the ratings aren’t what they should be, they will probably reassess this.

"But if this thing works well and the ratings are good, you’re going to see it around for quite some period of time.’’

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