Mike Francesa hit the New York radio airwaves for the first time since leaving WFAN, but what he’ll do next is anyone’s guess — including Francesa’s.

Francesa, during a guest appearance Tuesday evening with Sal Licata on WOR 710 AM, said he still is undecided on his plans once he is contractually free to go elsewhere beginning April 1.

“I still have not made a decision yet about what I’m going to do,” Francesa said, before adding that he will work.

Francesa’s last show for WFAN was Dec. 15. Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott took over Francesa’s afternoon slot.

Francesa did say he would continue doing his annual MLB over-unders this season, and that he would do so with “a certain person.” Licata asked Francesa who it would be with, and when Chris “Mad Dog” Russo — Francesa’s former longtime partner on WFAN — was mentioned, Francesa appeared to confirm it.

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