Bryant Gumbel’s sit-down with Plaxico Burress on HBO’s “Real Sports’’ Tuesday night is a must-watch for fans of both the Jets and Giants.

The latter probably more so, because the best stuff is about 2008, when he shot himself in the leg and mortally wounded the Giants’ season, not about how he will help the Jets in 2011.

Even though she appears on a limited basis, the star of the segment is Tiffany, Burress’ wife and an attorney, who knew immediately how much trouble her husband was in.

She also knew his seemingly laid-back personality has a darker side. Gumbel asked Burress about two domestic disputes at his home that led to police intervention — and temporary restraining orders — in 2008.

“My wife and I, our relationship hasn’t always been pretty,’’ he said. “I went through things that a normal person would have.’’

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