Some pregame reading for a Super Bowl Sunday afternoon:

One of the holy grails of sports media has been found at last.

Fellow Super Bowl MVPs Phil Simms and Desmond Howard got up close and personal on Super Bowl Sunday Eve.

I wrote this story about the underappreciated 2000 Giants, the only New York-area football team to lose a league championship game since 1963.

Here is the rest of our SBXLV coverage, mostly by Glauber and Rock.

Congratulations to the entire 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, especially NFL Films founder Ed Sabol and former Redskins great Chris Hanburger, my first favorite football player.

Here are some interesting comments from Fox officiating guru Mike Pereira to Sirius XM's Chris Russo regarding the Steelers' James Harrison:

“I don’t care about James Harrison and nobody on that [officiating] crew cares about James Harrison, quite frankly. You know, everybody from our side is kind of tired of hearing his comments. They’re going to officiate the game. And I used to tell them: This is the Super Bowl. How do you officiate the Super Bowl? You officiate it the same way you officiated the first week of the regular season. No different. And if you get hits on defenseless receivers and you even think for a moment that it might have been a personal foul, as the rule book says, throw the flag. Call the foul if you even think it might be a foul. And I don’t think this crew’s going to be any different. And I don’t care if it is James Harrison or if it’s Hines Ward or if it’s anybody on the Packers, you are going to officiate this game without names. Things happen too fast. When you see a bang-banger you don’t have time until it is over to see that it was #92 or whatever number it might be.”

More sports media

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