Sportscaster Len Berman.

Sportscaster Len Berman. Credit: Norman-Marquee Photography

Warner Wolf and Len Berman were prominent figures in an era when sports anchors on the local news were among the most visible people in sports media, before cable television and later the Internet diminished that role.

On Friday, the two former cross-dial rivals will work together for the first time in their careers.

Wolf, the former WABC and WCBS sports anchor, will join Berman, formerly of WNBC, as a guest co-host of WOR Radio’s “Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning” from 6 to 10 a.m.

Berman invited Wolf to fill in for Schnitt, who is off that day.

“When both Len and I did 11 p.m. sports, Len at Channel 4 and me at Channel 2, I used to watch Len, who went on a few minutes before me, to see if I missed anything,” Wolf said in a news release.

Wolf appeared on Don Imus’ WABC radio show until late last year. Berman has hosted the WOR radio show with Schnitt since January of 2015.

“There are precious few personalities who break through the glass and grab the viewer or listener the way Warner has done,” Berman said in a news release. “I couldn’t be happier to co-host a show with one of the giants of New York City broadcasting.”

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