Benson Henderson celebrates his win over Frankie Edgarin their lightweight...

Benson Henderson celebrates his win over Frankie Edgarin their lightweight title bout during UFC 150 in Denver. (Aug. 11, 2012) Credit: AP

Leading up to his first title defense at UFC 150 in August, Ben Henderson said his schedule was the biggest change to his life since he won the title six months earler.

Nearly four months later, things have apparently slowed down quite a bit for the lightweight champion, who happens to be defending his title this Saturday against Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 5 in Seattle.

Fightin' Words is always intrigued by how champions say their lives have been altered since winning titles and defending them. Here's what Henderson had to say about the issue earlier this week:

“My life really hasn’t changed all that much. I’m just as big of a loser now as I was when I was in high school and college.

“All my friends have stayed the same. All my interests have stayed the same.”

"I don’t really do anything else. I don’t think it’s necessarily something that I consciously do. It’s kind of my personality where I’m a loser and I don’t really do a whole lot of things. I go home and I read a book for a couple hours before I go to sleep and that’s it. I don’t go here or there. Besides fighting, I’m pretty boring.”

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