Fedor Emelianenko's right eye was so swollen, the doctors stopped...

Fedor Emelianenko's right eye was so swollen, the doctors stopped the fight after the second round as Antonio Silva won the quarterfinal round of the Strikeforce Grand Prix at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. (Feb. 12, 2011) Credit: Newsday / Mario Gonzalez

His ankle caught in the grasp of legendary Russian mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Silva did not panic. Laid out in the center of the cage, he simply wagged his finger back and forth as if he were former Ner Jersey Net Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot. "Bigfoot" was signifying that Emelianenko's submission attempt would not take hold.

That's how the second round ended. There would be no third round.

Silva hammered away on Emelianenko in the second round, and the doctors stopped the quarterfinal bout of the Strikeforce Grand Prix heavyweight tournament at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. Silva will fight the Fabricio Werdum-Alistair Overeem winner in the semifinals later this year.

Emelianenko's right eye was swollen shut and as doctors looked at him, the swelling grew like a sponge after being wringed out in the sink.

"Maybe it's time to leave," a dejected Emelianenko said inside the cage after the fight.

Emelianenko opened the fight by throwing big and wild punches. He seemed to be looking to end the bout early. Silva and Emelianenko exchanged punches and groundwork throughout the round, with Silva getting the better of the action each time.

The second round opened with Silva immediately shooting in straight for a takedown. From there, Silva controlled Emelianenko's 230-pound body the entire round. For the better part of four minutes, Emelianenko alternated between being in Silva's full mount while absorbing shots to the head and giving up his back for submission attempts and more head shots.

With about 33 seconds left, Silva went for a kneebar or ankle lock submission. Emelianenko reversed it with about 17 seconds left. That's when Silva's finger-wagging started. That's when Emelianenko's night, tournament and maybe career ended.



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