Kenny Florian, left, and Diego Nunes, fight in a featherweight...

Kenny Florian, left, and Diego Nunes, fight in a featherweight mixed martial arts bout at UFC 131 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Florian won by decision. (June 11, 2011) Credit: AP

A new poll conducted and released by the Siena College Research Institute says that 55 percent of New Yorkers are against the legalization of mixed martial arts in their state.

Take these polls with a grain of salt, people. Does it mean that public sentiment is actually against the fastest growing sport in the world, or does it just reflect the sentiments of 819 people in a state with a population near 20 million?

Look a little closer at the numbers, and you'll see that 51 percent of male respondents want the sport legalized. Look even closer, and 67 percent of people age 18-34 want the sport legalized.

Each side in this debate will pick a number to trumpet. You should all hit the mute button and contact your local legislators directly, whichever way you feel on the topic.

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