Dan Henderson plays ping pong during a break in training...

Dan Henderson plays ping pong during a break in training for his Strikeforce light heavyweight title fight against Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante on March 5, 2011. Credit: Strikeforce/Esther Lin

Oh, the fickleness of the MMA fight fan.

Last month, Alexander Gustafsson won the plurality of the vote in our massively (un)scientific poll seeking the answer to this question: Which fighter was most deserving of a title shot against Jon Jones at UFC 152?

Well, three weeks later, when the question became this -- Who do you want to see Jon Jones fight next? -- the answer was not Gustafsson.

Here are the poll results from that question.

44% - Dan Henderson 

28% -- Chael Sonnen

19% -- Lyoto Machida

  9% -- Alexander Gustafsson

Yes, there are tons of ways to explain using basic statistics and general polling tools, but Internet polls weren't meant to be scientific. They're intended to capture general sentiments at a particular time from a particular audience.

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