England's Dan Hardy is interviewed by Joe Rogan after making...

England's Dan Hardy is interviewed by Joe Rogan after making weight at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., in advance of his UFC 111 fight against welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. (March 26, 2010) Credit: AP

Some thoughts that ran through my brain Saturday and Sunday after UFC in Fuel 5 wrapped up in Nottingham, England.

- He is still somewhat raw -- even after 34 pro fights -- but when Stevan Struve grows into his 7-foot, 250-plus-pound heavyweight body, he could be unstoppable. He has unmatchable size and if you do manage to get inside to take him down, he can wrap those 12-foot long Dutch tree trunks he calls legs around you for a submission.

- I recall Dana White's comments from UFC 111 when Georges St-Pierre beat Dan Hardy in March 2010. He said If you're going to fight Georges St-Pierre, you better bring some takedown defense. Well, it seemed from Saturday night that Hardy has developed quite a solid ground game. He hit three of his seven takedown attempts on Amir Sadollah (and stopped both of Sadollah's_ and used good ground and pound. No more pure stand-up striking wars for Hardy?

- Amid all the recent card alterations and cancelations, Matt Wiman and Paul Sass reminded us how outstanding a BJJ bout can be. They flipped and rolled like two little kids at the local Gymboree, and it ended with the submission specialist (Sass) losing by submission.

- No major names on the card, but instead you got five knockouts/TKOs and two submissions. Seven finishes out of 11, what else do you want for free?

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