ACE. U.S. Open officials have announced that a statue of Althea Gibson will appear on the Billie Jean King tennis center grounds next year. Gibson, the first black athlete to cross the color line in international tennis, won the U.S. Championships—forerunner to the Open—in 1957 and ’58. (She also won the French Open in 1956, Australian Open in 1957 and Wimbledon three times: 1956-’57-’58.) Gibson died in 2003 at 76.

ACE. With her fourth-round victory yesterday, Serena Williams assured that she will be the first player, male or female, to play a 100th singles match in Arthur Ashe Stadium on Tuesday. Ashe opened in 1997 and Williams first played the Open in 1998. Her sister Venus is next on the list of Ashe regulars with 88 matches. Roger Federer has played the most Ashe matches among men with 82.

FAULT. Is it really necessary for a player to give a little “sorry” wave when he or she benefits from a net-cord winner? They’re not really apologizing for the accidental good luck, are they?

LET. Selfie photos with life-size images of tennis stars, posted on a fence outside Armstrong Stadium, result in some questionable poses: The man next to the cardboard Rafael Nadal holding his beer can to appear Nadal is holding it. The woman placing her hand on Roger Federer’s chest.

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