If you can find an inexperienced owner who views ERA as an indicator of how well a pitcher is performing, now is the chance to get Zack Greinke at a discount. The Brewers righthander pitched 5 1/3 innings yesterday against the light-hitting Cubs and allowed eight hits, eight runs (six earned), walked two, and struck out 10.

Greinke is 6-2 with a 5.23 ERA and 1.24 WHIP. With a 70/9 K/BB ratio, the ERA shouldn’t be that high. That K/BB ratio is as good as it gets. Greinke has been hurt by allowing nine home runs in 53 1/3 innings and as someone who isn’t a fly ball pitcher, it’s a high number that will likely come down.

A high Batting Average of Balls in Play (BABIP) of .360 and a low strand rate of 57 percent also explain the high ERA. Greinke is going to get better. Find the Greinke owner and make an offer. An ERA that high might cause someone to sell him cheaply.

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