Do your loved ones like to camp, or glamp, or stay exclusively in five star hotels? Are you searching for the ideal gift for road-trippers, city hipsters, young whippersnappers? Peruse our gift guide to find the perfect present for your favorite traveler.

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Inflatable solar light and mobile charger


The Luci Pro Series is both an ultrabright solar-charged light and an emergency phone charger. Completely waterproof, it's also inflatable, can float, provides a warm natural glow and packs down to an inch thick. The battery can be fully charged by sunlight in 14 hours, will charge a phone 50 percent in two to three hours and lasts up to 50 hours on the lowest light setting -- a lifesaver in extreme instances. Each purchase allows the folks at MPOWERD to provide reliable light to those around the world living without electricity. Price: $34.95. More info:

The Bigger Carry-On

Credit: Away

This carry-on lets you bring a little more along for the ride. It is built strong, has a lifetime guarantee and is safe with its TSA-approved lock. It includes an electable battery to charge your phone and a nylon laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes. Price: $245. Info:

Ultimate Bison Socks

Credit: United By blue

For a pair of socks to cost this much, they've got to be truly exceptional. These are. Made with bison down -- the fuzzy stuff generally trashed when processing buffalo hide, discovered by designers at United By Blue to be softer and more insulating than wool -- these padded socks feel luxurious and are naturally temperature-controlling and moisture-wicking. Price: $38. More info:

Portable steam iron

Credit: Reliable Corporation

Destination weddings are in these days, each requiring the kind of dressy clothing that gets wrinkled in transport. Sure, you could stick your dress in a steamy bathroom and hope for the best, or press your suit with the iron in the hotel closet. But the little OVO GT150, 4 by 7 inches and weighing only 24 ounces, has a ceramic ironing plate and a patent-pending heating system designed for better steam volume. Once plugged in, the steam iron is ready for use within a minute. Price: $49. More info:

ThinOptics Flash Card Case

Credit: ThinOptics

The folks at ThinOptics -- the tiny, bendable spectacles that clip on to your nose and fit on the back of a cellphone -- have done it again. This time, with a case the size of a credit card and the width of two nickels. Easily fits in a wallet or women's purse. Price: $29.88. More

eAlarm by BASU


Say you're hiking and encounter a bear. Or get lost in a blizzard. This palm-size portable emergency alarm generates a 130-decibel siren -- equivalent to an ambulance -- and operates simply by pulling a pin. The eAlarm repels dangerous animals, deters criminals and serves as an SOS when there's no cell service. Invaluable for campers, college students and solo travelers. Order one for $18.99 or a family five-pack for $69.99; with GPS tracking for $129.99 plus $29 a month. More info:

Latitude 40°N™ Long Island State Love Luggage Tags (Set of 2)

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Find your way back home with these distinctive Long Island luggage tags. Price: $9.99. More info:

Smile Jamaica earbuds

Credit: House of Marley/SET3_FP

Need to find a gift for a reggae-head, mon? These affordable, wooden Smile Jamaica earbuds will get people nodding their heads to the calypso beat in seconds. It's even got a microphone for phone use. The sound is good, the cord tangle-free and a percentage of each purchase goes toward the replanting of forests around the world. Price: $24.99. More info:

Key Chain Tile

Credit: Herschel

Tile is the world's largest lost and found network thanks to its app and two-way Bluetooth trackers. Herschel Supply has partnered with Tile, offering this pebbled leather keychain with Tile integration. The stylish chain features a snap-button belt loop and a metal ring to keep your keys handy. Price: $49.99. More info:

Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Credit: Uncommon Goods

This sleep mask blocks out all light and has integrated headphones so you can easily fall asleep listening to your favorite tunes while traveling. Price: $34.95. More info:

EzPacking Cubes


An early entrant in the packing cube field, EzPacking has several advantages over competitors. First, each cube is made of pliable plastic and nylon with a secure, high-quality zipper. Second, the cubes are clear, so it's easy to see what you've packed and hassle free if you're chosen for a random security check at the airport. Third, a starter set of four cubes in different sizes holds a week's worth of clothing and fits in a carry-on bag --  ideal for the organizationally challenged. Price: $48 for starter set. More info:

Copper Cow Vietnamese coffee kit

Credit: Copper Cow Coffee

All you need is hot water to make a cup of sweet, rich coffee superior to any other around the campfire or in your hotel room. Copper Cow sources the highest-quality coffee from sustainable organic farms in the highlands of central Vietnam. Each kit provides a portable, pour-over filter, plus a single serving of sweetened condensed milk for the most exotic cup of joe ever. Price: $15 for a five-pack. More info:

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Credit: L.L. Bean

This versatile outdoor blanket has a waterproof backing and a fleece top, which will keep you dry and warm. Keep it safe in the included sack. Price: $49.95. More info:

Stow-N-Go portable luggage system

Credit: Courtesy Grand Fusion Housewares

Ever notice that the more "boutique" a hotel is, the less drawer space it has, and the larger the hanging closet? It's frustrating for travelers who like to unpack. This snazzy, three-tiered portable shelf solves two problems at once. It allows you to organize and pack your items once and then remove in one fell swoop to hang them in the closet. Even the larger one -- at 17.7 inches wide -- fits into a 20-inch carry-on. Price $24.99-$29.99. More info:

FlatPak soap bar case or toiletry bottle

Credit: Matador Packable Adventure Gear.

The brains at Matador, creators of packable adventure gear, have done it again. These compact, ultralight, waterproof, TSA-approved bar soap or liquid/gel/paste carriers made of CorDura fabric are breathable and easy to clean. The soap case is six times and toiletry bottles 3.5 times more compact than regular shampoo or soap cases. Each easily attaches to the outside of a backpack. Price: $12.99. More info:

Battery-powered mosquito repellent

Credit: Thermacell

This compact, cordless device keeps mosquitoes, black flies and other bugs away from campsites and picnic tables without smoke, sticky sprays, lotions, noise or odors. How? Covering a 110-square-foot area, the lithium-ion battery-operated, rechargeable Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent comes with a pop-in unit of allethrin oil, a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemums, that slowly heats up when the unit turns on, releasing the repellent into the air. Comes with a 12-hour refill. Price: $49.99; 40-hour refills, $19.99. More info:

Great Outdoors National Park Candles

Credit: Uncommon Goods

These candles capture the essence of Redwood, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks through their layered scents, which are boosted by essential oils. Price: $40 each. More info:

Jet Set Hydrating Kit

Credit: e.l.f. Cosmetics

Hydrate your skin on the go with this TSA-approved kit. The set includes vegan and cruelty-free face cleanser, hydrating balm, moisturizer, night cream and eye cream. Price: $15. More info:

Traverse Cube Outdoor Speaker Lantern

Credit: L.L. Bean

Along with lighting up the night, this lantern also includes a Bluetooth speaker. Price: $59. More info:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Credit: LifeStraw

Have safe drinking water wherever you go. The Lifestraw's microfiltration membrane removes 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria and parasites. Use the straw for up to 1,000 gallons of water. For every LifeStraw purchased, a child in need receives safe drinking water for one school year. Price: $19.95. More info:

Monogram Passport Case and Luggage Tag

Credit: Nordstrom

The pebble leather set comes with a simple imprinted letter for sophisticated personalization. Price: Starts at $44. More info:

Manta Sleep Mask


A total blackout shade for the eyes, the Manta Mask was designed with adjustable eye pieces (imagine foam eye cups covered with smooth cotton) that mold to your face, forming an impenetrable seal and letting in no light. The inner side of the head strap is made of velour, further coddling your face in comfort. Adjustable Velcro straps and elastic stretch bands keep the mask in place. Except for the fact that you can't tell day from night, you won't realize you're wearing it. Price: $29.99. More info:

iFLY Fibertech luggage collection

Credit: iFLY

You gotta love a company that makes well-crafted, nice-looking, affordable luggage. iFLY's motto, "great luggage shouldn't cost more than your airfare," is not just lip service. Each flexible-hard shell, four-wheel, lightweight, chrome-hued piece comes with a 10-year warranty. It comes in several colors and is a great gift for young grads. Price: $69-$89 each, $207 for a set of three. More info:

Pro Series Golf Umbrella

Credit: GustBuster

This umbrella, from Long Island-based GustBuster, will keep your protected on the course or anywhere else you may be traveling. Measuring 52 inches from tip to tip, it is lightening resistant and can withstand winds more than 55 miles per hour. It is built with a comfortable rubber handle and fiberglass construction. There are eight color combinations to choose from. Price: $44.95. More info:

SoundBub portable speaker for baby

Credit: WavHello/Gil Cope

Babies fuss more in unfamiliar surroundings, and white noise seems to soothe them. So does a loved one's voice, or a favorite lullaby. The soft, adorable Bluetooth-enabled SoundBub speaker and white noise machine -- available as an owl, bunny or bear -- is made of chew-safe materials. It easily clips to a stroller, car seat or crib, and stands on its own. It can record and send messages, too, by downloading the VoiceShare app. Price: $29.99. More info:


Credit: The Sensible Collection, Inc.

Mermaid, shark, and dragon-obsessed 3- to 16-year-olds will thrill to these step-in tail-shaped towels that turn cold and wet beached humans into mythical creatures. At 56 inches long and 24 inches wide, these 100 percent cotton and machine-washable towels can be used at the beach, pool or bath. Choose from a variety of colors. A great grandparent gift for waterbabies. Price: $19.99. More info:

Chalk Color It book

Credit: Jaq Jaq Bird

Softer and more portable than an Etch A Sketch, these reusable, eight-page, art-masterpiece coloring books made with stitched polyester will keep budding artists happy in the back seat (or the hotel room), creating the next "Mona Lisa." Each book, with a focus on Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci or Degas, comes with four  ButterStix -  "zero-dust" chalk - in primary colors and white. Price: $26. More info:

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