You know how Joey Buttafuoco was on "Celebrity Boxing" after making headlines for less-than-respectable behavior? And how John Wayne Bobbit chased fame by forming a band called The Severed Parts after his part was, er, severed? And remember Tonya Harding's X-rated "wedding video," released several months after a brutal attack on her skating competitor?

There's something about people who become infamous that seems to make them hungry for more infamy. Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who may or may not be in the same league as the aforementioned notorious -- you decide -- is riding his 15 minutes for all it's worth. Seems he's signed a deal with mobile app creator Line2 to be the official spokesman for the company’s “Mile High Text Club” Contest and promote its in-flight texting capability on Wi-Fi-equipped planes. Oh, and he's going by "MC Slater" these days.

The contest invites travelers to text their “craziest” flight stories to 222-222-2222 to enter to win prizes, including iPod Touches, free Line2 service, and a grand prize of a weekend holiday shopping trip for two to New York City. Texts must be sent from the Line2 app, which can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial from the iTunes app store.

In a new promotional video below, Slater raps, "My name is Steven Slater/and I'm no longer blue/Now don't be a hater/'cause you never flew/500,000 miles in a little tin can/maintaining false smiles for the unpleasant man..."

While Slater's no Eminem, I can't say I blame him for trying. Man's gotta make a living somehow, and I don't think any airline headhunters are calling. Especially after this.


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