Will this sit well with passengers? The airline that will start charging passengers for carry-on bags in August has made another controversial move: sticking passengers in seats that don't push back.

Spirit Airlines has introduced two new Airbus A320 planes with "pre-reclined" seats. They have 28 inches in "pitch," the distance from the front of one seat bottom to another, which is the same or slightly less space than on the older planes. But the new seats are permanently reclined by three inches, compared with a potential two inches on older Spirit seats, said spokeswoman Misty Pinson.

The new seats offer 20 to 25 percent more space under the seat, providing more leg room for carry-on bags. Given that Spirit will now charge up to $45 for a carry-on placed in the overhead bins, that's a good thing, said Matt Daimler, the founder of SeatGuru.com, which rates airplane seats, although the extra space will be moot if fliers need to stuff their carry-ons there to avoid the fee overhead bin fee.

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