Oh, "Angry Steward," we know you're really Steven Slater. Much like "Purple dinosaur" and "Wizard boy" before you, you can't hide behind a generic moniker and go unnoticed.

We watched as you made headlines for your mad-as-hell speech over your last JetBlue flight's PA system before exiting dramatically on the plane's emergency chute. We laughed, we cried. OK, maybe we didn't cry. But we got a lot of mileage out of your antics. We even had a poll

And now we get to BE you. Ricky's Halloween is taking preorders for "The Angry Steward" costumes for $39.99 each. Under a cleverly disguised "jetWho" label, the product description reads:

There's only so much one person can take and he's had enough! Time to tell off your haters and make the grandest exit ever! Includes navy flight attendant shirt with tie, bandage and patch, only.

Which means, I presume, you'll have to supply your own beer.

There are year-round Ricky's NYC in Huntington (261 Main St.) and East Hampton (50 Main St.) and seasonal "pop-up" stores in Greenvale (15 Northern Blvd.), Jericho (429 N. Broadway), Seaford (3660 Sunrise Hwy.) and Garden City (575 Stewart Ave.).

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