Blockbuster video, then and now.

Blockbuster video, then and now. Credit: Google

Before Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon and a hundred other places gave people ways to watch videos instantly online, the strip-mall video rental store was a business few could live without. At the top of that industry sat Blockbuster Video. With its iconic blue awning and yellow stenciled logo, Blockbuster blanketed suburbias across the country with its brick-and-mortar shops, including on Long Island.

But as mail-order rental service Netflix stole customers the company eventually withered to the point of bankruptcy and was later sold to Dish Network in 2011. Since then, the company's video rental stores across the Island have closed. Some are still empty, others have found new life.

We looked at 12 former Blockbuster locations on LI, and using historical imagery from Google Maps created interactive sliders that show just how much the storefronts have changed. Drag the sliders left and right to see the transformations.

Click here (mobile users click the link above) to see the photos.

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