Title: Kosmo spin
For: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Price: $0.99 for both iPad and iPhone

This fun little app brings back memories of Katamari or Little Big Planet, which if you’re not familiar, brings a unique playful style to gaming. The game looks like a 6-year-old pasted it together with cardboard cutouts. But don’t be fooled, it is pasted together quit well. Kosmos spin is a simple little game but challenging nonetheless giving you two modes of play to twist your finger around.

The first title from the developer Simogo, Kosmo spin revolves around the idea of saving your small little world from evil green space invaders on an abducting craze. Spin your way around the small little world saving “Breakfast Thingies” that pop up on the surface. Avoid the small UFO that circles your planet and do your best to make sure you, or none of your little thingies, get abducted. Collect a sequence of thingies, not letting any get sucked up by the UFO and you’ll get a bonus spin allowing you to rack up points by spinning as fast as you can.

Another small facet of the game is heading different types of balls that are shot out of the small UFO at your planet. You name the ball, the little green guys got them soccer, baseball, tennis, etc. All will rock your world if they hit the surface. Do your best to head them before they hit the floor.

Kosmo spin controls are simple. Drag your finger left or right to spin Kosmo around and around. With the two play modes the game will keep you interested for a bit. Arcade mode allows you to rake up as many points as you can. Quest mode assigns you small achievements you’ll need to master. The game is what you would expect from a 99-cent title fun but not very sustaining. This title leads the way for some more fun titles from Simogo. Give it a whirl if you fancy a quick spin.

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