Toasting champagne for New Year's Eve home parties.

Toasting champagne for New Year's Eve home parties. Credit: iStock

As you are planning your New Year's Eve celebrations, there are plenty of apps to help find secure, safe transportation, document the night with pictures or even figure out what to do at the last minute. Here are five of the best.

Polyvore (iPhone, iPod Touch; free)

Do you need some inspiration to find the perfect outfit for that New Year's Eve party? Find some wardrobe inspiration in the free Polyvore app for iDevices. Browse through thousands of looks created by tastemakers and fashionistas around the world. Get inspired, and then create looks of your own based on fashionable pieces you own or want to buy for your big night out.

Uber (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android; free)

Historically, New Year's Eve is one of the most difficult nights of the year to find a cab. Rather than compete for rides with other revelers in cold climates, you can chill indoors and wait for your reserved car to arrive with Uber. While Uber costs more than traditional taxi companies, the service is a lot more responsive. Members reserve rides on the fly, with as little as a few minutes' notice, and they don't have to worry about carrying cash or whether the cab accepts credit cards. The fee, including a tip, is automatically deducted through the app. Last year, Uber caught some flack when it instituted New Year's Eve surcharges to expedite rides on the busy night. This year the service will be disclosing when extra fees might be applied.

Mosaic by Mixbook (iPhone, iPod Touch; free)

This is another fun way to document and display all of your favorite photos from the night. The free Mosaic by Mixbook app allows users to pick 20 photos and create a fun 7-inch square photo book for $20. It is so easy, and arrives in just four days. Did you spend the evening with someone special? Send them a Mosaic to remind them of the stellar evening you shared together. This is a clever app that is worth trying so you can document a special occasion or two . . . or three.

Eventbrite (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android; free)

You still don't have New Year's Eve plans? Get on that, seriously, with the free Eventbrite app. Look up what is hot and happening around you this holiday season. You can even use the app to buy tickets and check in when you arrive, no printing necessary. Great options are literally at your fingertips.

PowerCam (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad; $0.99)

Wondershare PowerCam (Android; free)

New Year's Eve is definitely one of those nights you will want to document. Get creative with your photo-taking on one of the biggest party nights of the year with PowerCam. Use this photo and video editing app to make real-time edits. You can also use the app to take panoramic photos, which is perfect for catching a pretty skyline, especially if you are in an exotic location for the holiday. Don't just post regular old photos to Facebook this New Year's Eve. Jazz up your pics with this loaded photo app.

Wring out the old

If the New Year means looking for a new job, the first thing to do is get rid of some old online profiles. Executive job board found that 35 percent of its members did not regularly do what many recruiters will do first: run a Google search on their name. The search often turns up inactive, dated or embarrassing profiles an applicant should remove or update.

Security flaw in mobile browsers

Computer Web browsers have graphical warning indicators that appear in the address bar to alert users they may have landed on a dangerous website. But Georgia Tech researchers found that most mobile browsers used on smartphones do not have the same visual warning. Researchers noted that users of mobile browsers are three times more likely to access phishing websites than users of desktop browsers.

The complete Bennett

Tony Bennett's entire Columbia Records catalog is now available on iTunes. The recent addition of 37 remastered and newly digitized titles, mostly from the 1950s and '60s, brings the total to 62 albums spanning more than 60 years. Among the newly added albums is "On the Glory Road," recorded in 1962 but never released. Bennett, 86, released his first Columbia album in April 1952.


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