CA screenshot of the home page of Bidvoy, a site...

CA screenshot of the home page of Bidvoy, a site that provides info on eBay auctions. Credit: Bidvoy

Going shopping online? If bidding when buying is your thing, you might want to stop by Bidvoy before making your best offer on eBay. The same applies if you have something to sell. The German-based website researches price trends on more than 100 million eBay auctions and presents the results for a specific item in an easy-to-follow, adjustable graph that can display results from two weeks to six months. You can switch between Auction and Buy It Now listings, whether the item is used or new, and auctions in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Bidvoy also offers an price check on the item, the eBay fee for the average selling price, its weekly price trend, the number of auctions for the item and the price margin between the highest and lowest auction prices.

Developed to price electronics, especially cellphones and tablets, Bidvoy's search box will research auctions for anything you place within it, from dog carriers to gel pens. However, the larger the number of auctions for a specific item, the better and more accurate your results will be. Bidvoy also provides the date and time when the highest and lowest prices for an item were realized, supposedly as a guideline for when it is best to buy or sell. But it's hard to say whether these statistics are relevant or merely random.


DESCRIPTION A place to research what an item is selling for on eBay.

TARGET AUDIENCE Buyers and sellers

BOTTOM LINE A little checking could yield a buyer's bargain or a seller's bonanza.

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