The Sabey Data Center, the newly opened server space in...

The Sabey Data Center, the newly opened server space in lower Manhattan, preports to be the worlds largest high-rise data center. (March 20, 2012) Credit: Anthony Lanzilote

The city and a Seattle-based data company unveiled the world's largest high-rise data center Wednesday in the Financial District -- a monster of a structure at 1 million square feet and 32 stories.

The new center, called Intergate.Manhattan, sits at 375 Pearl St. in the so-called Verizon building, and is the largest data center of any major city in the country.

It will eventually accommodate 40 megawatts of power and be the most energy-efficient data center in the city, and companies will be able to rent space to house servers in the building.

Intergate "will continue this area's post-9/11 expansion and rebirth. It's a real vote of confidence both in our city's future and in lower Manhattan; it will help create thousands of jobs for our city's growing knowledge economy, and it will help build on our administration's work to promote further growth in the tech center," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday at a news conference in the building.

The center, Bloomberg said, is among the most secure ever built, both in terms of data security and protection against disasters like superstorm Sandy and power outages.

Only one tenant has been announced so far, the New York Genome Center, but officials said more are in the pipeline and that demand for space in the center has been very high.

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