The gazebo at Malverne's Reese Park is where Malverne Mel...

The gazebo at Malverne's Reese Park is where Malverne Mel rules on Groundhog Day. (March 12, 2013) Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

THE SCOOP. Folks describing the village of Malverne sound like they are quoting heartwarming scenes from a Hollywood movie depicting an all-American town.

Annual celebrations such as Groundhog Day at Reese Park, where Malverne Mel recently and accurately predicted another six weeks of winter, is one example. Banjo players, a wood carver and servings of hot cocoa and doughnuts were part of the day's events.

"We do a lot of things others don't," says Phillip Greenblatt, owner of Village Plaza Realty.

"Our old joke is that Malverne is a spinoff of Mayberry RFD," adds Ed Maffucci, an agent of Connor J. Maffucci Llc.

And for the record, Malverne Mel is on target about 80 percent of the time, says Mayor Patricia Norris McDonald.

Malverne is largely residential with some businesses along Hempstead Avenue, Church Street, Broadway and Franklin Avenue. A downtown restoration and beautification project along Hempstead Avenue and Church Street was recently completed, McDonald says.

Grossman's Farm -- now Crossroads Farm at Grossman's -- on the corner of Hempstead and Ocean Avenues, was acquired by Nassau County in 2010 through the county's Environmental Bond Act. The county, in partnership with Nassau Land Trust, manages the farm. "It's the only working farm on the South Shore in Nassau," McDonald says.

Neighborhoods feature mostly Colonials and capes, although other styles can be found, Maffucci says. Since there isn't a substantial commercial base, the tax burden falls on residents, McDonald says.

Residents can join groups including the Malverne Civic Association, the Westwood Civic, Association, the Rotary Club, Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Fire Department and Malverne Police Reserve.

SALES PRICES. Year over year, sales are up, according to Multiple Listing Service of Long Island data. From Jan. 1, 2012, to March 1, 2013, there were 87 sales, with a median price of $350,000. The low sales price was $180,000 with a high of $590,000. From Nov. 1, 2011, to March 1, 2012, there were 65 sales. The median sales price was $372,000, with a low of $200,000 and a high of $640,000.


Town: Hempstead

Area: 1.1 square miles

ZIP code: 11565

Population: 8,514

Median age: 41.2

Median household income: $115,972

Median home value: $350,750*

LIRR time to NYC: 42 minutes to 46 minutes at peak

Monthly ticket: $242

School districts: Malverne and Valley Stream.

Sources: 2010 Census;; Long Island Rail Road;

*Based on sales in the past six months according to Multiple Listing Service of Long Island

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